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'Teen Mom' Amber blames show for her woes

Now that ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s violent behavior has been viewed by millions and she faces domestic battery and neglect charges, the reality TV star admits she has some regrets.

For example, Amber really regrets allowing her bad behavior to be filmed. After all, as far as she’s concerned, that’s what got her into this abuse-related mess.

“I wouldn't have been in jail because nobody would have known about it,” the 20-year-old reasoned in an interview with Life & Style.

Amber isn’t the only one willing to blame the MTV show for her current troubles. Helping her dodge responsibility for her actions is her very own brother, Shawn Portwood.

"Before that scene of her hitting Gary aired, she didn't have problems," Shawn told the magazine.

As for which scene Amber’s sibling means, that’s not clear. While clips from the second season of the series showed Amber kick, slap and punch ex-fiance Gary Shirley and prompted a criminal investigation, problems obviously existed before that. During the first season of the show, an irate Amber could be seen slapping and choking Gary.

"I can't say completely that it's the show's fault because obviously my sister did it,” Shawn added. “But Amber and Gary asked them not to air the fight because they knew this legal stuff would happen. Now my sister gets death threats, and my niece's life is in turmoil."

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