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'Teen Mom 3' exclusive look: Mackenzie wants to get birth control

One and done? In the series premiere of "Teen Mom 3," 18-year-old Mackenzie Douthit struggled with being a young mother whose boyfriend, Josh, didn't seem all that interested in moving in together — or in their relationship at all.

It's enough for any girl to question a possible future with the father of her child. But perhaps the couple start ironing things out in Monday's new episode. In a clip that MTV is sharing exclusively with TODAY.com, Mackenzie talks to her mom, Angie, about getting on birth control. (Probably not a bad idea, seeing as how Josh didn't seem too interested in becoming a family, much less adding yet another little member.)

Her clearly exhausted mother — who helps care for baby Gannon — does not seem happy with her daughter's reasoning, which is admittedly unclear: to be prepared for unplanned sex? Angie pointed out that Mackenzie and Josh had decided after the baby's birth to be abstinent until they marry.

"So birth control is not like ... a red flag for you to say, 'I can go have sex anytime I want to,' " Angie questioned.

Mackenzie denied that was her reason, to which her mom sighed, "I want to believe that ... but if it's not, then I don't want you lying to me!" 

Whether or not Mackenzie and Josh stick with their decision to not have sex until they tie the knot, viewers will have to tune in to MTV on Mondays at 10 p.m. for "Teen Mom 3" to find out.