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'Teen Mom 2' win? Jenelle Evans too broke to buy drugs

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"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans can't afford to pay her rent. "I was running out of money because I was spending too much money on marijuana," she tells her horrified mom, Barbara -- also the legal guardian of her 3-year-old son, Jace.

The bright side? "Now I'm clean!"

So is Kieffer, who moved in after Jenelle's roommate took off. For once, the happy couple are cohabiting under an actual roof, with actual utilities besides their car's cigarette lighter.

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Kieffah's also paying rent! In theory -- but the potential is there: The ex-con is actually earning money doing what he loves: "Kieffer's selling pipes on the Internet now," brags Jenelle.

Although her Babs naturally assumes his target audience is marijuana smokers, her daughter clarifies: "They can smoke whatever they want out of them. We have to say they're for tobacco use only."

Meanwhile, Chelsea has her own reason to party: She's turning 21, and you know what that means: "My first beer ever!" The single mom almost managed to say this with a straight face before she and her friends dissolved in laughter.

As the beauty-school gang did their hair and makeup before going out to celebrate the big event, Chelsea had only one directive: "Let's get sexual looking."

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Mission accomplished -- at least that's what her baby daddy believes, because he sent some angry texts about his ex making out with everyone's face at the bar.

Despite what Adam believed, his ex did keep it classy. In fact, she boasts, "I didn't puke!"

Co-stars Leah and Kailyn are also celebrating huge rites of passage: Javi proposes to Kailyn, and Leah swaps vows for the third time. Actually, she doesn't count her second ceremony, when she and Jeremy married at the courthouse to fast-track their home loan.

Next time, on "Teen Mom 2": Jo learns of his baby mama's "ridiculous" plan to get married and move away with his son, Babs screeches at Jenelle for neglecting her son, and Leah's daughter Ali -- who's struggled with a developmental disorder -- takes her first steps!