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'Teen Mom 2' star gets violent with boyfriend

MTV / Today

"Teen Mom 2" is almost running out of places to plug in PSAs! Teen pregnancy prevention, STD education, drug addiction, DUIs, child endangerment, anger management and domestic violence -- the MTV docu-series really covers it all.

In this week's episode, viewers glimpsed into the diaper bag of humanity as Kailyn got violent with boyfriend Javi after a dispute over their dogs. In addition to the shove we see on film, she also apparently grabbed his face and gave it a vicious shake.

He walked out only to return later, when she promised to take anger management classes. She also suggested she take boxing classes, presumably so that something besides the man in her life can serve as a punching bag.

Jenelle also got back together with her boyfriend, Gary. He's so responsible and caring (spoiler alert: not for long) that he picked up Jace when Jenelle was a babysitting no-show.

Jenelle had agreed to stay at her mom's house overnight so she could start looking after Jace when Barbara left for work at 7 a.m. Instead, she took off to party with her friends and never returned. When Babs complained about her irresponsibility, Jenelle told her to shut up and "be original." Mom did her best, saying her "pot head" daughter has gotten fat because she's smoking so much weed.


Like Jenelle, Chelsea's baby daddy A-D-A-M has delusions about someday getting legal custody of his daughter. With two DUIs on his record, he sent a legalese letter to Chelsea, whose dad sneered that it was written not by Adam but his parents or "somebody who knows how to type."

On a break from beauty school, Chelsea met up with "Teen Mom" wannabe Megan, whose son is almost 1, and revealed her "retarded" hookup with her ex. Megan in turn told her that Adam has a new girlfriend but comforts Chelsea by saying she has a "weird face." Whew!

Just weeks after choosing Jeremy over her own ex, Leah was planning their wedding in Myrtle Beach. But there's a snag: The couple, who've decided to buy a house together, learned that they'll have a harder time getting a loan if they're not married. So they decide to tie the knot at the courthouse, but still celebrate their union with a wedding later as planned.

Maybe by then Leah's daughter Ali will be walking! At her annual assessment, her physical therapists say it's a "realistic goal," even though she is still not using her calf muscles. They also praised her "compensation" for her weak hands, asserted that her cognitive skills are at an age level or above, and compliment Leah's mothering. Bravo!

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