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Tea tasting leads to tears on 'Amazing Race'

Leave it to “The Amazing Race” to turn something as simple and relaxing as a tea tasting event into a game-changing challenge that left one player curled up on the floor in tears.

Yes, the task of sipping and sniffing one’s way to a familiar cup of papaya-mango tea in India was made maddening thanks the fact that the all-important flavor was hidden among what appeared to be thousands of cups of tea.

While most contestants made it through the Detour without completely collapsing, Luke wasn’t so lucky and broke down, crying, “It’s too hard!” Mom Margie talked him back into the game, and a group of exceptionally supportive tearoom assistants clapped as he tried again.

Somehow Luke eventually picked out the right cup (or the tea judge took pity on him) and the cheering group picked Luke up to celebrate.

It was a short celebration as Luke and Margie were last to arrive at the pit stop and soon were out of the “Race.”