Taylor vs. treadmill: Watch Swift face plant in new Apple Music ad

/ Source: TODAY

Now we got bad blood — and also maybe some real blood because Taylor Swift just fell off a treadmill.

The fall was part of a scripted ad, but whether you love or hate the 26-year-old music mogul, you'll still want to take a look. There's really something for everyone in the 30-second spot.

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In a move that can only be described as pure marketing genius, Apple Music asked the pop star to run on a treadmill while rapping to Drake's "Jumpman," only to get so distracted by the music that she trips and goes flying. The whole situation is kind of like a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Apple Music

And whether you choose to laugh with or at Swift, who posted the video to her Twitter account Friday morning...well, that's up to you, people of the Internet.

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As for this reporter's take on the whole shebang? That face is worth $200 million, Apple Music. Shame on you. You're young and you're reckless and you took this way too far.

The fall looks painful enough, though, that we have to wonder if there was a stunt double involved.

Unfortunately, whether it was a double or the pop princess herself ... these kind of wounds, they last and they last.

But you just shake it off, Tay.