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Taylor Swift tune takes 'Breaking Bad' turn in parody

When Taylor Swift wrote "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together," she probably wasn't thinking about drugs. But that's exactly what Teddie Films was thinking -- and they've cooked up something special for "Breaking Bad" fans in the process.

Check out "We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together," a parody/rap version of the song rewritten to reflect the contentious relationship between Bryan Cranston's character Walter White and Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman. Starting off with a screen graphic reading "Breaking Swift," the video focuses on "Walter," who dances around a laboratory full of chemicals and past other actors in "Breaking" character, including a guy in a chicken suit.

But "Jesse" isn't happy with his job and says he wants to quit:

Every time we kill someone you say "Jesse, 

Its over and I swear it's gonna change, trust me."

You in this for the money or the meth?

Neither, I'm building an empire.

Whatever. I'm out!

That leads Walter to lay down his ultimatum:

Oooh if you walk away from me tonight

then oooh, I swear, you're getting nothing, getting nothing

We are never ever ever gonna cook together

We are never ever ever gonna cook together

You go talk to Goodman, talk to Skyler, talk to me

But we are never, ever, ever, ever, gonna cook together

But one warning for "Breaking Bad" fans who might not be fully caught up all the seasons: The song contains spoilers!

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