Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' syncs perfectly with 1989 aerobic video

Taylor Swift and aerobic video

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By Randee Dawn

Love for Taylor Swift is so strong these days that it has created a disruption in time itself. Or so it seems, after watching a video mash-up of the platinum-selling superstar's hit "Shake It Off" and a 1989-era aerobics video.

Wisconsin-based athletic club worker Thomas Jung posted the pairing on his YouTube channel Tuesday and it quickly went viral, racking up over 850,000 hits in just a few days — thanks in part to one key endorsement, from La Swift herself.

A+sneak+peak+at+the+official+"Shake+It+Off"+choreography+for+the+1989+World+Tour: http://t.co/go43vmoNMO


It's a simple concept, and a perfect pairing in more ways than just musically, since Swift's new album is in fact called "1989." But it's also educational: Who knew there was such a thing as aerobic championships? (Which, by the way, is still a thing.)

"I guess everyone was wrong when they said Taylor's songs were about her exes," Jung noted to TODAY.com. "They are clearly about '80s workouts!"

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