Taylor Swift sings with 'best little boy in the world' during hospital visit

Image: Taylor Swift, Jordan Nickerson

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By Kurt Schlosser

A sweet and brave boy got to play air hockey, take pictures, sing and dance with one of his idols on Sunday. It was the stuff that little-kid dreams are made of, and Taylor Swift made it a heartwarming reality.

Swift stopped by to visit Jordan Nickerson at Boston Children's Hospital, where the 6-year-old is being treated after recently being diagnosed with leukemia. It's the latest battle for the little boy from Rhode Island, who was born with Williams syndrome and who had open heart surgery when he was 18 months old.

The visit was documented in photos and videos uploaded to a Facebook page dedicated to Jordan, on which Swift is referred to as his "favorite singer." The two are shown hanging out and playing together at the hospital. 

"I like that you're competitive, but you're also polite," Swift said to Jordan during a game of air hockey.

Swift also brought along a small guitar and asked Jordan what his favorite song was so she could play it for him. But he put the country star on the spot and told her to play her favorite song. "Do we want to be able to dance to it?" Swift asked.

The singer then broke into an enthusiastic version of her hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." As Swift bobbed and spun in her dress and heels, Jordan bounced in his socks and Spider-Man T-shirt while singing along.

People who commented on the photos and videos applauded Swift for her visit, calling her a "class act" and an "angel."

A hospital spokeswoman told TODAY.com that "it was an unexpected visit and an unexpected explosion of press," adding that it was a "very small, very private" affair. A publicist for Swift told The Boston Globe that the singer doesn't do the goodwill visits for the attention, and a hospital spokeswoman also told the paper that Swift, who has a home in Rhode Island, just wanted to come in and hang out with the kids.

No doubt she learned, as the Facebook page points out, that at least one of those kids "is loved by many" and "is the best little boy in the world."

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