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Taylor Swift's mom shares funny video of her weeping over a banana after eye surgery

Taylor Swift got a surprise on "The Tonight Show" when Jimmy Fallon aired some goofy footage of her crying over bananas and babbling nonsense while on medication following eye surgery.
/ Source: TODAY

Thanks a lot, mom!

The world saw a rare side of Taylor Swift on "The Tonight Show" Thursday after Jimmy Fallon aired a video of a disoriented Swift crying over bananas and babbling nonsense while she was on medication following LASIK eye surgery.

Fallon set up the clip by asking Swift if she'd recently had corrective laser surgery on her eyes. The "Lover" singer seemed surprised that Fallon knew about it.

"They definitely give you some pretty hardcore pills after you have a laser in your eye,'' she said. "What is going on?"

Fallon then revealed that Swift's mom had given him some private video footage taken right after the surgery.

In the clip, a bewildered Swift is seen with protective goggles on, fumbling with a banana and holding back tears.

"I wanted this one, but what do we do with this now? But it doesn't have a head," she rambles after tearing off one of the bananas.

The new Taylor Swift "Bananas" video was not one she wanted released. NBC

Meanwhile, her mother warns her not to cry. (Crying can be harmful after laser eye surgery.)

Later, Swift is seen eating a banana in bed while off in la la land. Again, her mom warns her not to fall asleep.

"I'm not asleep,'' Swift says through a mouthful of mashed banana. "My mind is alive."

Back on the show with Fallon, the pop star was stunned her mom had passed the footage along.

"Oh my God,'' she said. "That's on television! Wait, she was kind enough to drive me there but cruel enough to film it and give it to you?

"You know what, I'm gonna tell her something. I can't even be mad. I'm just impressed that you infiltrated my family."