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Blake Lively's expletive-filled reaction to this Super Bowl catch was 'all of America',' X users say

She and Taylor Swift had moment after moment at the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift is ending her eventful NFL season with her friends by her side.

Following speculation as to whether she would (and could) attend to cheer on boyfriend Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the singer arrived to Super Bowl 58 after the final night of her tour in Tokyo.

She's sitting in a box with her parents, Scott and Andrea Swift; the Kelce family, including Jason Kelce and Ed and Donna Kelce; Ice Spice and friend Blake Lively.

Lively also attended the Chiefs-Jets matchup in October 2023, the second game Swift attended after she and Kelce started publicly dating.

The longtime friends shared a few cute moments as Super Bowl 58 unfolded, including when they listened to Post Malone's rendition of "America the Beautiful."

With their arms slung over one another's, they swayed side by side. They appeared to smile when images of them landed on the Jumbotron.

The two continued to have expressive faces as the game unfolded, like when Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Harman made a catch.

Lively had some expressive language, too, according to this video of the moment of her appearing to mouth "shut the f--- up."

The reactions kept coming as they rode the exuberant highs of the game, and braced themselves for the lows.

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively
Taylor Swift and Blake Lively react with smiles.Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Swift and Lively's friendship has played out in football games and in song.

Swift once sang about Lively's children on the song "Betty" off her 2020 album "Folklore." The names James and Inez, included in the song, were the known names of Lively's children. Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds' third child was named Betty. They have since had a fourth child.

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively
Taylor Swift and Blake Lively hug.Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

The football season is ending — but these reactions, and moments, from a season that brought together multiple fandoms will endure.