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'Taste of Streep': Meet the Instagram mash-up of Meryl Streep and food

This Instagram account is filled with all the Meryl-food mashups you need in your life.
/ Source: TODAY

Meryl Streep and food: too little of either makes you cranky, but given too much, you feel like a rather worthless human.

You search for them at parties, and let's be honest... they're really the only reason you go/watch in the first place. Both win awards (sometimes lots of awards), and taken separately, make the world a better place.

But what happens when you put the two together?

Let us introduce you to the "tasteofstreep" — an Instagram filled with fun Meryl-food mashups...

...Like these cookies with Meryl-milk.

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Check out those chicken thighs.

Our new favorite roll.

Like, this is actually a big dill.

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And just when you thought avocado toast couldn't get any better.

How about this bloody Meryl?

Cheese and Meryl and more cheese.

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Wait. We'd like to bathe in a pile of french fries, too.

Meryl: bacon our hearts one strip at a time.

Samantha Raye, a Brooklyn-based actor and graphic designer, runs the account that has garnered an impressive 42,000 followers.

But really, we can't blame a single one of them. Because as Raye captions the collection of images, "What more could you want?"