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Take care, Sookie! Look out, Lafayette! Who's going to die on 'True Blood'?

Pam, Lafayette and Sookie on "True Blood."

Get your hankies ready, Truebies! It's almost time to say so long to one familiar face from Bon Temps. But who?

That's been the question all season on "True Blood." In fact, thanks to a tease about the upcoming end for one "central character" from showrunner Brian Buckner back in early June, fans started guessing — and fretting — before the season even began.

And one thing is clear after last week's action on the show: The end is nigh! The True Death could come as soon as Sunday night, and the list of candidates is a long one.

When last we left the drama, Lafayette was possessed by the spirit of Sookie's murderous dad, and he had the heroine face down in a lake. Of course, it's hard to image that Sookie really has anything to worry about. In addition to escaping near-death capers on a regular basis, the friendly half-fae is the heart of the whole show.

If only Lafayette's fate seemed as certain. The problem for Sookie's devoted pal is that while her dad is in the driver's seat where the medium's actions are concerned, anyone who wants to stop Papa Stackhouse — such as, for instance, a certain devoted, betrothed-by-contract, fairy-vamp hybrid named Warlow — is going to have to stop LaLa first. (Noooooo!)

Of course, there are others in danger too.

Bill and Jessica need to watch their backs. After Jess accidentally offed three-fourths of Andy's brood while helping Bill with his Tru Fae Blood experiment, the sheriff is fighting mad. At least Jessica's safely — well, not too safely — locked away at Vamp Camp. But Bill's still roaming around. Then again, unless Andy lures the big, bad demi-god into the sun, he'd be hard pressed to figure out a way to kill Billith at all.

Here's hoping it's not Andy who dies in an attempt to avenge his girls! Then again, he seems far safer than the other Bellefleur in town — Terry. Last week, the increasingly troubled vet actually hired a hit on himself (but his old war bud offered to do the deed for free).

Maybe the mercenary won't follow through. Otherwise, who would take care of Arlene and the kids ... and Felix, the armadillo?

Terry's boss is also in danger. Sam's been on the lam with Emma ever since he took the tiny wolf, and now there's an angry pack master hot on his heels. Alcide, who barely resembles the good guy he used to be, is close to closing in on the shifter, and if he corners him, it's likely enough that only one of them will survive. (Shift big, Sam!)

And then there are the other two possibilities: Eric and acid-tongued progeny, Pam.

Pam spent her first day at Vamp Camp spilling her emotions — or lack thereof — to a psychologist. She made it plain she didn't feel anything for her maker. The psychologist didn't believe her (nor did viewers who know better).

Now Pam's in a scenario wherein she can prove how she really feels. She's trapped face-to-face and stake-to-stake with Eric in one of those Vamp Camp Thunderdome rooms — two enter, only one leaves alive. At least that's the idea.

Eric just can't die. (Can he?!) It's not like 1,000-year-old, easy-on-the-eyes Viking vampires just come along every day. But he can't kill Pam either. He may be a killer, but he's also a loyal to those he loves.

And Pam? It doesn't matter what she says — she's just as loyal to the man who gave her a second life. Which is why she just might go and do something stupid (and kind and heroic).

She won't kill Eric. He won't kill her. What's a gal to do? Turn that stake on herself? (Nooooooo!)

Alas, someone has to die — soon.