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Take 2! Hugh Jackman acknowledges hand-washing mistake in new video

A well-meaning clip about hand-washing amid the coronavirus pandemic landed the actor in hot water — so he went back to the sink.
/ Source: TODAY

In the age of coronavirus, hand-washing can save lives. But as Hugh Jackman just learned, it’s still important to save water, too.

On Saturday, the Australian actor shared a video on social media showing his hygiene routine by washing his hands while grooving to Doja Cat’s “Say So.”

But there was just one problem with the clip, according to many of his followers.

Sure, Jackman spent the CDC-recommended minimum of 20 seconds sudsing up, but he left the water running the entire time.

In the clip, which Jackman took down but was saved by some fans, the 51-year-old swayed his hips, smiled into the bathroom mirror, showed off his lather and said, “Wash those hands!”

To which his water-conscious commenters said, “Turn off that tap!”

And before the day was out, the star proved he’d heard the message loud and clear.

In a second video posted Saturday night, Jackman offered another take of his washing routine.

“Thank you, everyone, for picking me up on my mistake, which was to wash my hands and leave the water running the whole time,” he said while standing by the sink. “That was not good. I wasn’t thinking.”

But he put plenty of thought into cleanliness and water conservation the second time around, as he turned off the tap while washing up.

In the caption that accompanied that clip, he wrote, “Take 2. You’re ALL absolutely right. Turn off the tap whilst washing your hands. Smart, healthy practices for yourself .. and the planet.”

Jackman then posted a series of soap and hand emoji and added several apt hashtags to cover all of the priorities: “#washyourhands,” “#savewater” and “#healthylifestyle.”