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‘Syriana’ issues weighed on Clooney

Clooney admitted that he did, indeed, have a tough time because of the additional weight as well as an accident during filming.
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George Clooney startled some reporters at a press conference for “Syriana” by grabbing Matt Damon’s behind. “By the way, Matt Damon has a very nice ass,” Clooney told the journalists.

One reporter noted that Damon had said that while Clooney was gaining forty pounds for the movie, “you were a different person, you were constantly depressed.”

“Well, he was lonely,” Clooney quipped. “He needed someone to cuddle in Dubai, which, you know, doesn’t go over so well in the Middle East.”

But then Clooney admitted that he did, indeed, have a tough time because of the additional weight as well as an accident during filming.

“It was depressing,” he said, according to a transcript of the conversation on Cinema Confidential. “I tore my dura which is a cranial spinal fluid leak. Mostly it just hurts. It’s not dangerous so much but it doesn’t feel good. . . . .I play a little basketball, which is dumb, but I miss it. I can’t take it to the rack anymore, which is a little frustrating to me because I have no outside shot, so I have no game anymore. I can still do some things. I can’t ride motorcycles which I really like and always done. So that’s slowed me down a little.”

When asked about rumors that he’s considering joining the cast of “Desperate Housewives,” however, Clooney lightened up. “Well, you know, if this film flops, I may. I may have to.

Watch your mouth, MadonnaMadonna’s devotion to Kabbalah apparently hasn’t done anything to clean up her potty mouth.

Performing at the London nightclub G-A-Y, Madonna asked the crowd if they liked her new record, "Confessions on a Dance Floor." When the crowd responded with a “Yes,” she said, “Good, I made that record for you [bleepers].”

Madonna did a bump and grind, at one point reaching inside the bottoms of her skimpy outfit. “Aren’t you guys hot?” she called out to the crowd. “I should have worn my bathing suit. Oh wait. I did!”

Notes from all overNo one would ever accuse Paris Hilton of modesty. “I’m a brand,” she told Blender. “I do everything. But I’m best at singing.”  . . . When the Ottawa Citizen asked if Hilton’s former friend Nicole Richie is too thin, Joan Rivers shot back “I truly don’t watch any of that group of girls. I find that whole group to be such low-rent, it really doesn’t interest me at all. What have they done?” . . . . Ricky Martin told fans perhaps a little more about his sex life than some wanted to know. “I love giving the golden shower,” he told Blender. “I’ve done it before in the shower. It’s like so sexy, you know, the temperature of your body and the shower water is very different.”

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