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Swanson to play Anna Nicole-type character

Kristy Swanson has been tapped to play an Anna Nicole Smith type of character in an upcoming episode of NBC’s “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” Access Hollywood has confirmed.

Swanson, who starred as the big screen “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” will play Lorelei Mailer, an Anna Nicole-like sex goddess who becomes addicted to pills and falls on hard times.

In addition, actor David Cross will play the character modeled after Howard K. Stern.

The first fictionalized version of Anna Nicole’s tragic story is reportedly set to air in May.

There will not be a Larry Birkhead or a Virgie Arthur character. However, there will be a character based on Anna Nicole’s sister.

In a recent poll conducted on AccessHollywood.com, viewers said they would most like to see Charlize Theron (57 percent) portray Anna Nicole in a movie about her life. Swanson finished second in the voting (28 percent) while Pamela Anderson and Kelly Carlson rounded out the top five choices.