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Suzanne Somers remembers her lost home

She plans to rebuild from the ground up in the spot where her home burned to the ground.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

An abusive childhood. Dyslexia. Breast cancer.

No doubt, Suzanne Somers was already a survivor long before her beachfront home was destroyed by the Malibu fires.

Now, in a brand-new interview, Suzanne told Nancy O’Dell of “Access Hollywood” how she had a premonition that something bad was about to happen to her home.

“When you left the house a day earlier you turned around and took a good look. Did you sense something?” Nancy asked Suzanne.

“I must have. I must have because I stood in the doorway and, you don’t do this, but I was going out the door and I thought, ‘Huh, such a pretty little house,’” Suzanne revealed. “It was a beautiful house; it was a beautiful place to live.”

In fact, Suzanne plans to rebuild from the ground up in the exact same spot where she watched her home go up in flames just four months ago.

“Sometimes you find a spot on Earth and it’s worth it,” she smiled. “I love that spot.”

“Access Hollywood” was with Suzanne and her husband Alan as they saw their destroyed home for the first time.

“You found one very important item,” Nancy noted.

“My wedding ring,” Suzanne replied.

While the couple plans out their future home, they are currently leasing a house — and almost everything in it.

“I don’t own anything,” Suzanne explained. “Dick Van Dyke was over and he said, ‘Are these your fish?’ and I said, ‘Nope I leased the fish.’”

And speaking of leases, Suzanne watched on television as even her car was destroyed.

“I was on the phone and it was like ‘Look at that, there goes the car,’” she said.

“I hope you didn’t like the car. Was it time for a new one at least?” Nancy joked.

“My son called and said the lease was up at least, and he said I should call them and tell them I don’t want it anymore,” Suzanne smiled.

“If you had been in the house, do you think you would have died?” Nancy asked.

“We should have died,” Suzanne said. “They think that somebody flicked a cigarette on (Pacific Coast Highway) and it hit the dry brush and it was the perfect conditions, with winds at 55 mph. A woman was jogging on Malibu Road; I saw her at a restaurant, and she said she saw the house catch on fire and it wasn’t a gradual burning. It was like taking a box of matches and it just went whoosh and she said immediately the bluff was on fire, then it jumped to the tree outside of the house and then onto the roof.”