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By Erin Quinlan

Most fans agree that “Thelma & Louise” was a groundbreaking film. Dark, funny, feminist and action-packed, the 1991 buddy flick brought new depth to the portrayal of women’s experiences on the big screen.

Now star Susan Sarandon is laying claim to another breakthrough: Thelma and Louise invented the selfie. Sarandon and co-star Geena Davis met up this week and recreated the film’s iconic photo, with Sarandon tweeting a stacked composite of the two images.


Fans may recall the scene in which Thelma and Louise snap a Polaroid of themselves at the start of their road adventure. The photo remains in the car as a memento of their friendship until the film’s shocking final scene.

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It must be said, however, that Thelma and Louise weren't the first high-profile folks to pose for a self-portrait.

Last fall, Paul McCartney joked to Jimmy Fallon that he invented the selfie during his Beatles days, sharing a mop-top mirror photo as evidence.

And in March, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell bragged on Facebook that he was shooting selfies way back in the Cold War era.

Ladies first? Sorry, not in this case.