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Susan Lucci shares 50-year-old throwback pic from 1st day on 'All My Children'

The iconic soap opera star flashed back to where it all began.
/ Source: TODAY

“All My Children” has been off the air for years, but Susan Lucci is still considered soap opera royalty for bringing the genre’s most famous femme fatale, Erica Kane, to life.

But even fans of the Queen of Daytime Drama may not realize just how long she’s reigned supreme.

Until now.

To mark the anniversary of her very first day on the beloved show, Lucci recently shared a throwback pic with fans on Instagram — one that threw all the way back to 1970!

Yes, it may be hard to believe, but it’s been 50 years since she made her debut as the ultimate daytime diva.

“January 10, 1970 — the first day I stepped onto the All My Children stage as Erica Kane,” she wrote in the caption of the vintage head shot. “Thank you to all of you!!!”

The comments that followed the post cheered the “legend” and returned her message of gratitude, but many seemed amazed that so much time had passed since “All My Children’s” founding star got her start.

Then and now!
Then and now!Getty Images

And it’s easy to see why. When looking at that flashback photo of a 23-year-old actress alongside a new one of the 73-year-old star she is today, it still hardly seems possible that it’s been so long.

In short, she’s timeless.

ABC's "All My Children" - Archive Photos
Erica (Susan Lucci) traded her boring life as Dr. Jeff Martin's (Charles Frank) wife for an exciting modeling career on "All My Children" in 1971.Walt Disney Television

Alas, “All My Children” didn’t have the same staying power as Lucci herself.

In 2011, after 41 years, the soap signed off of television, and though it experienced a brief revival online afterwards, it did so without the woman who was nominated for a Daytime Emmy 21 times — but somehow only won once — for her portrayal of Kane.