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On ‘Survivor,’ the weak shall not inherit

One of the game's physically weaker members tried to stay in the game, but couldn't quite hang on.
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The tribe has spoken: New York lawyer Elizabeth Kim, 33, was voted off Foa Foa. Russell was annoyed by her constant talking — and by the threat she posed to his strategy. Liz knew she was at risk if only because she was one of the tribe's physically weaker members, but Jaison's poor performance during the immunity challenge almost saved her. Almost.

Puzzled: Jaison didn't do well at the puzzle that served as the week's immunity challenge, and seems beaten down overall. He admitted he was "incredibly embarrassed" and said he took "some large responsibility" in the challenge loss, because he couldn't figure out his part of the puzzle, and was resigned to maybe going home. But while the recent law-school graduate  stayed, his performance didn't win him a future client. Russell pointed out that Jaison still had his trust, but his failure to figure out the puzzle meant "he's sure not going to be my attorney."

A pox on you: After the reward challenge, Mick suggested that Foa Foa had "a pox or a hex" that caused the tribe to keep losing. For the immunity challenge, they even left the leader's necklace at camp because, as Mick told Jeff Probst, Foa Foa were "halfway wondering if it was bad luck." They still lost, so rather than a supernatural curse, it's probably just because the tribe is a group of losers.

Rub it in: At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst made sure Foa Foa knew how much they suck. He pointed out that they lost eight out of 10 challenges and were about to be down to four members compared to eight on Galu, which he called "one of the worst overall performances of any tribe in the history of the game." At least they're not THE worst.

Leader of the lint: Former Marine Shambo replaced Russell as Galu's leader, thanks to a plan from the guy alliance that blindsided the others. Erik explained that if Shambo became leader, she'd "be as deep in my pocket as the lint in the very bottom." Dave, however, said, "Shambo is so dim that she could screw up our plans if we tell her anything." In other words, Shambo has more in common with the lint than just its location.

Mission to Foa Foa: Laura was sent by Shambo to hang out with Foa Foa, and of course Russell made an alliance with her, because he has an alliance with everyone. Liz found it "really infuriating" that Laura and Natalie bonded over religion and book-of-the-month clubs while she built a fire, but Russell knew he could use their bond to his advantage. "I swear to you, you can trust me," Russell told Laura, but he told us he was going to "work my Houdini magic on Laura."

A pirate's life for me: Galu's reward was on a pirate-like ship, where Dave made jokes about wenches and the tribe ate beef stew, bread, and scones — perfect for pirates.

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