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‘Survivor’ wasn’t surprisedto get voted off island

22-year-old wasn’t mentally or physically prepared
/ Source: The Associated Press

Ashlee Ashby wasn’t surprised when she was voted off CBS’ “Survivor: Palau.” She was looking forward to it.

“Everyone sensed that I was ready to go home,” Ashby told The Associated Press Friday. “I knew that I was ready to go home. So tribal council was a good thing.”

Despite surviving the 10th edition’s kickball-style tribe selection in the premiere episode, the 22-year-old wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for “Survivor.” Although it wasn’t seen on the show, Ashby cried about the experience to Jolanda Jones, the first person voted off the “Palau” edition.

“I shouldn’t have cried,” said Ashby. “I had just reached a point where I could no longer play the game. Everything had gotten to me.”

“Everything” included a budding romance between Ulong tribemates Kim Mullen and Jeff Wilson. “Everyone wondered if they were pulling another Rob and Amber,” said Ashby, referring to “Survivor: All Stars” Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, who later became engaged. “I’m going to have to watch the show and see how that plays out. There are some intentions there beyond more than just winning.”