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‘Survivor’ tribe doesn’t follow the leader

Galu finally lost a challenge, but the tribe didn't exactly vote the way their supposed leader thought they should. Dissension in the ranks, anyone?
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The tribe has spoken: Los Angeles hair stylist Yasmin Giles, 33, became Galu's first reject after their first loss of the season sent them to Tribal Council, where they near-unanimously voted her out. Her napping seemed to be the biggest reason, although Yasmin claimed she always did whatever others asked of her. Tribe leader Russell S. pointed out that “every time there was a challenge, Yasmin kicked it out,” so he wanted everyone to vote for Monica, because as he asked rhetorically, “Do I want cutesiness or do I want performance?”

A leader scorned: “I want the strongest tribe, and so these people, they got to listen to me, or there's going to be some serious ass-kicking,” Russell S. said. But since every remaining member of Galu except Shambo voted for Yasmin — including Russell himself — he has a lot of butt-kicking to do, including his own.

Break time: Jeff Probst didn't show up for the reward challenge, a game of bocce ball that awarded Galu a cage full of chickens thanks to Dave's final, near-perfect throw. Instead, the three members of each tribe ran the game themselves. It was sort of like “Big Brother,” except the challenge didn't suck and fall apart.

Sham-whoops: Shambo said “you've gotta have a relationship with chickens,” and said “the Survivor chickens will know Shambo,” and she made chicken noises at them and gave herself credit for the egg one of them produced. Erik slapped himself upside the head when she wasn't looking to illustrate how dumb this was, and one of the chickens apparently had enough and flew away.

Hunting for dinner: Erik wanted to eat a chicken, and so when it escaped, he ran after it, saying, “Sham, if I gotta kill it, I gotta kill it.” But then he ran into the laundry rope, flipped, and hit the ground. Or, as Dave explained, he got “clotheslined —by the clothesline.”

New meaning for ‘alliance’: Russell H. was blissfully absent from much of the episode, but we saw him make an alliance with Natalie, who he wants to take with him to the final two. Natalie said she's his “wing man,” but Russell had other ideas: “She rode me like a horse,” he said, and giggled. We gagged.

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