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‘Survivor’ sends another castaway home

The tribe's vote was unanimous, despite heated bickering at Tribal Council.
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The tribe has spoken: L.A. bar manager Ben was voted out of the tribe by a unanimous vote as a result of his ugly confrontation with Yasmin last week and his generally unpleasant behavior, never mind his failure to do anything in challenges. He called everyone else "kinda pansies" and said, "without my help, these people will die." The other six would obviously rather die than have him stay.

Jaison in charge: Russell H. continually insists that he's in control — "I'm running this whole show right now. I'm the boss," he said — but it was Jaison's stand against Ben's racism and other obnoxious behavior that led Ben to be voted out. Jaison said, "I just won't stand here and tolerate that. I just won't," so he decided to "lead a crusade" to get Ben voted out. That led to an intense Tribal Council discussion during which Ben denied being racist but declined to apologize. Oh, and it's clear evidence that Russell is just pretending to have control.

Splish splash: At the challenge, which took place in shallow water, one tribe member could try to stop the other tribe from getting through an "attack zone." After escaping from Ashley, Laura splashed water in Ashley's eyes, and it actually seemed to work.

Ga-who?: There's a tribe called Galu. There are 10 people on it, and they do yoga and relax on their new pillows and mats that they received after winning yet another combined reward and immunity challenge. Apparently they are also on "Survivor Samoa."

Rambo vs. Brenda: Shambo was sent to Foa Foa to spy as part of Galu's reward, and immediately the other tribe fell in love with her. Mick said, "We'd like to adopt her." That'd be fine with Shambo, who ridiculed her Galu tribemates and called them "90210." Better not let Brenda hear you say that.

Towels for a tarp: As tribe leader, Russell S. had to make a decision between comfort items and functional items for Galu's reward. He chose comfort, telling Jeff Probst, "I'm a function guy, but they are a comfort group right now." But as he told us, "towels, what the hell do we need towels for? There's no shower out here." He said he just wanted to "make the women happy" so "we're going to be happy." And without a tarp, soaking wet and drying yourselves off with wet towels.

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