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‘Survivor’ sends another castaway home

Another castaway left Samoa, and of course, evil tribe idiot Russell H. was somehow involved.
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The tribe has spoken: New Hampshire cop Betsy was voted out of Foa Foa because she was perceived to be the weakest. Evil tribe idiot Russell H. gave himself credit for the ouster, because Betsy revealed that she no longer trusted him.

Finding safety: Russell H. may be obnoxious, but he's smarter than the other players, searching for the hidden immunity idol before any clues were distributed — and he found it, stuffing it in his pants and then showing it to Jaison, with whom he's aligned. So now the evil tribe idiot has immunity.

Kick gets player kicked out: Ben became the first person in the history of "Survivor" to be kicked out of a challenge for poor sportsmanship. He kicked Russell S. in the back of the leg after host Jeff Probst warned them not to do "anything resembling a cheap shot." Ben, who's unapologetic about his own awfulness, told Jeff at Tribal Council that he didn't know he was "playing by your sissy rules." No, Ben was playing by his own jerk rules.

Welcome to our home: Yasmin visited Foa Foa as part of the reward for Galu winning immunity, and immediately irritated everyone, saying they were losers and insisting, "I'm here to help you guys strategize." That wasn't a very smart strategy, and didn't go over well, especially not with Ben. Yasmin confronted him about his behavior during the challenge, and he made obnoxious comments. When idiots fight, how do you know who wins?

The tribe has a hypocrite: At Tribal Council, Ben again ridiculed Yasmin's grammar, and later told Jeff, "I got the goodest chance of anybody." Except at appearing to be a smart, decent human being.

Fish out of water: Galu won immunity and a reward: fishing gear. Shambo went to look for fish but only succeeded in losing their brand-new snorkel, which Laura said meant Shambo "just signed [her] own death warrant. When Shambo announced that there were fish on the reef, Laura ridiculed her: "You'll never believe it: there's fish in the ocean."

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