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‘Survivor’ proves too tough for one player

You'd think an army sergeant could take the deprivations of "Survivor," but Timbira tribemate Jerry became sick and weak early and was voted out by his tribe.
/ Source: contributor

The tribe has spoken: Army sergeant Jerry was voted out because he was sick and weak to compete. After the immunity challenge, he doubled over and said, "I'm through. I'm finished." But later he told us, "They have to vote me out; I'm not giving up." And Timbira did just that, sparing Erinn even though Coach wanted to vote her out. Clearly, he didn't do a good job of coaching his tribe to vote his way.

Face forward: At the reward challenge, everyone except one person on each tribe was blindfolded, and leaving that person to guide them through the challenge. At one point, Joe called out, "Spencer, you're doing great," and then Spencer slammed face-first into an opposing player. "Oh no, my bad," Joe said. Despite that, he managed to guide his tribe to an easy victory, and later they won the immunity challenge, too. Now Jalapao is now on a three-win streak.

Wasn't 'Fear Factor' canceled?: “I don't care about comfort anymore, I don't care about anything else except for winning this game," Coach said, "Let me bury myself in sand, get eaten by tarantulas and bitten by snakes." Okay. No one's stopping you.

Eye, captain: Coach's delusions continued at Tribal Council when he told Jeff Probst that, on the first day when the tribe had to grab supplies off the truck, "I basically told everybody with my eyes to get what they needed to get." Coach said. Yet he also insisted, "it's not about ego." Nope, it's about your magic, all-powerful eyes.

An exiled alliance: Taj and Brendan returned to Exile, where they received the next clue to the hidden immunity idol's location. (Back at his camp, Brendan found it hidden in the tree-mail totem pole.) While at Exile, Brendan and Taj plotted in case their tribes insisted upon sending different people to Exile next time. Their plan was to each identify a tribemate who the other tribe would send, meaning Brendan and Taj's allies would be going to Exile. If that works, the only four people to visit Exile would be aligned with one another and dominate the game. "Once we make it to the merge, we would have a four-way alliance that nobody knows about," Taj said.

Mini-megalomaniac: Coach decided Tyson would be his "general," his "right-hand man," and assistant coach, which Tyson loved. That's "more power to me," Tyson said, arguing that Coach "has a little schoolboy crush on me." He had dreams of advancing in the ranks, though. "If we ever get put on separate tribes in this game, I will demand that the other tribe calls me Coach, too," Tyson said.

Meow: Winning comfort items at the reward challenge made Jalapao happy and over-confident. After a cold, rainy night, Stephen said, it "was awesome. We had the best sleep of our lives. We had our blankets, we had our new shelter, and we had the knowledge that Timbira was having a miserable night, so that made us all sleep pretty soundly." As she woke up, Sandy said, "I know I'm a sex kitten this morning." She laughed as she ran her dirty fingers through her matted hair and added, "There's no doubt in my mind." Just be thankful the reward didn't include a mirror.