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'Survivor' hits the fast-forward button to get to the action

By Andy Dehnart, TODAY.com contributor

For the second time in three episodes, "Survivor" had two Tribal Councils and sent two people to Redemption Island. Unlike the episode that condensed two shows into one, this one disguised the second Tribal Council as a twist. The players learned of this change from a note concealed in a wrapped package, which caused a minor amount of paranoia.

But it was basicallya nice way for the Ometepe tribe's alliance to finish off the former Zapatera tribe. Ralph was the first to get voted out, and then Steve.

Before the second vote, there was a quick immunity challenge at Tribal Council. The players had to memorize a sequence of images, and Rob was able to recall the most and won.

At the end of the episode, host Jeff Probst told the tribe that while it was good news they had vanquished its enemy, there was "bad news: nowhere left to hide."

That is clearly what the second vote was about: fast-forwarding to finally force something interesting to happen. But of course, even during this string of obvious votes, crazy stuff has happened, like last week's argument and conversation about race at Tribal Council.

Ralph almost won immunity from the first vote. He nearly beat Grant in a log-rolling challenge that took place in the pee pool, of course. Grant received a ridiculous reward for being victorious: a massive cake to eat with his bare hands in two minutes.

He got to choose two people to join him. Ralph tried his best to partake in that reward, begging Grant to choose him by saying, "Man, I'd (hug/something) your neck if you let me eat some of it. I'm not a gay person, but I don't know what else to do."

Instead, Grant picked Rob and Andrea. She ended up with chocolate smeared all over her face, which the editors cut to precisely when we heard that her alliance might vote her out. But all she had to worry about was looking pretty on TV, because that was never going to happen.

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