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‘Survivor’ features proposal, funeral, fake idol

A marriage proposal, a funeral, and yet another fake immunity idol livened up life on "Survivor Gabon" this week.
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The tribe has spoken: Although Corinne and Bob recruited Kenny and Crystal to help blindside a member of their alliance, physically strong Matty, Corinne still went home. Corinne and Bob used a fake hidden immunity idol as the hook, but gamer Ken made sure Crystal and he split their votes in case the idol was fake. He voted for Matty, while she voted for Corinne, and because she didn't play the fake idol (it was fake, after all), the votes against her all counted, sending her home 4 to 3 over Matty — who now knows someone betrayed him.

The evictee has spoken: In her exit interview, Corinne gave us one last awesomely terrible comment, saying she disliked everyone except Bob and Ken, and "I hope the rest of them have miserable lives."

Another week, another fake idol: Yes, there's been another fake idol on "Survivor" — and once again, Bob crafted a fake immunity idol that looked as if the art department had constructed it. He pretended it was the idol Marcus allegedly threw in the ocean weeks ago, and convinced Ken and Crystal to turn on Matty. The idol was convincing, but not enough to get Ken to abandon his smart game play. When she thought it would work, Corinne said, "it just shows you the level of incompetence that we're playing with." Apparently, they're not incompetent enough.

Ego? Check: Although the plan was Bob and Corinne's, Kenny realized he could get rid of the immunity idol and Matty in one night ("idol's gone, Matty's gone, boom"). Thus, he gave himself credit for the entire plan. "If this plan works out, I'll be the biggest strategist in Survivor history," he bragged. It didn't, so what does that make him?

Liar, liar: No love for you! That's what Jeff Probst basically told the contestants at the reward challenge, and while they thought they'd be seeing their loved ones, he disappointed them. "I wish I could tell you your loved ones were here coming around the corner. They're not," he said, instead showing them videotaped messages on a product-placed cell phone. Bob ultimately won the challenge, and while he was watching the video message from his wife, Peggy, she snuck up behind him and surprised him. Later, he brought her back to camp — and whistled for the other cast members' loved ones, resulting in tearful reunions.

Love at first sniff: Peggy said Bob "smelled like a campfire -- he smelled so good."

Proposal and a funeral: The reunions led to two emotional moments on the camp's dock: First, Sugar scattered some of her dad's ashes that her sister brought to Gabon, and later, Matty proposed to his girlfriend.

"Have fun in Africa, Dad," Sugar said, sprinkling the ashes in the lake by their camp, and saying that he was "the reason that I'm here."

Later, Matty told his girlfriend, "I want to share everything, Jamie." He said, "I just want to know right now," and proposed using a necklace he'd constructed. She said yes — many times.

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