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'Survivor' brings back Colton and Rupert — again — for season 27

For the "Blood vs. Water" season, familiar faces from "Survivor's" past are returning, along with faces that are only familiar to them.

The next season of "Survivor" will be packed with familiar faces. That's because half of the cast is made of past contestants. The other half? Well, they'll be familiar faces to the returning players.

On Wednesday, CBS revealed all of the details.

For the "Blood vs. Water" season, each player will bring along a significant other from back home — to play on the opposing team.

Fan-favorite Rupert Boneham, who made his first appearance in "Survivor: Pearl Islands," will be back for his fourth time on the show. He's bringing along his wife, Laura.

But they can't all be favorites! "One World" villain Colton Cumbie, who received death threats after his last stint on the show, is also set to return with his fiancé, Caleb Bankston, at his side.

Coming back for a third time will be Tyson Apostol from "Tocantins" and Candice Cody from "Cook Islands," both of whom returned for "Heroes vs. Villains" in 2010.

Other memorable players to bring along partners will include "Australian Outback" winner Tina Wesson, "Panama" winner Aras Baskaukas, "Borneo's" Gervase Peterson, "Samoa's" Laura Morett, and "One World's" Monica Culpepper and Kat Edorsson.

Of course, the "Survivor" vets won't be playing by all the old rules this time. Redemption Island will be back in play, but for "Blood vs. Water," loved ones can opt to swap places with their partner if they think they would have a better shot in the game.

The 27th season of "Survivor" — yes, 27th — will kick off Sept. 18 at 8 p.m. on CBS.