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Surprise! Hoda's behind on tax day (as always)

Happy tax extension day! Today's the last opportunity to file for johnny-come-latelies like Hoda, who of course, has not yet done her taxes and is now getting urgent messages from her accountant.

But don't worry, she's saved her receipts.... neatly, of course.

"I have a big tupperware where I just dump everything," said Hoda, "and then just shove it under the bed."

"With the body of Jimmy Hoffa," joked KLG, who added, "Never once have I known you to file on time."

She teased that Hoda is a "multi-millionaire" but that all of her money is now going to the dog walker. Don't worry — Hoda is filing an extension and will probably just have to scramble again in October.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor and master procrastinatress.

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