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Sure, 'True Blood' needs to kill Bill, but why stop there?

Who would've thought Bill could get even more annoying this season on "True Blood"?

It's only three episodes into the new season of "True Blood," and most of the upcoming drama is still a complete mystery. But a couple points are already crystal clear.

Firstly, big bad Bill Compton really needs to get his comeuppance as soon as possible (and permanently). Secondly, he's not the only one.

The Bill situation has been brewing for some time. Long before he took his first sip of Lilith's blood and turned into an almost-god, Sookie's ex had turned into a total jerk. Now? He's just about unbearable with his near-limitless powers and massive ego.

How can a one-time good guy fall so far and still find redemption? He can't. There's nothing the former gentleman vamp could possibly do to make up for his downward spiral. After his recent face-off with Sookie (and the subsequent bashing of her little brother), that much seems certain. And if his obvious plan to drain Andy Bellefluer's quartet of tween fairies works out (c'mon, you had to see how he looked after the mere mention of their existence), well, then he's beyond a lost cause.

In fact, the most entertaining scene Bill's been in so far this season was the one in which he overestimated his superpowers and burst into flames at sunrise. The only way he'll top that one is if he overestimates his way to the True Death.

After all, someone's going to die this season -- that much is sure. Why not Bill? And why not more than one someone?

Things are getting pretty crowded in Bon Temps, and there is another good-guy-gone-bad (or at least not-so-good) who's really trying viewers' patience this season.

Alcide, what happened to you this year?! Where's the werewolf we loved?

Pack master Alcide has gone to the dogs too. There was a time when the tall, dark werewolf added to the overall alfa male action. He was the hero without all the bloodlust. But that was before he took on the leadership role of the pack -- at least the honorary leadership role. It's become clear that his "No. 1 b-----," the ruthless Rikki, is really calling the shots.

Alcide once told Sookie, "Most weres don't have much sense. ... They're all teeth and fight and sex." And that just about sums up him now.

He and the rest of his kind are about as appealing as those methed-out werepanthers from a couple of seasons back.

Of course, thinning the supe herd isn't the only thing Bon Temps needs. It also needs more of the good guys (and the good bad guys). That means more Lafayette -- both in the comic relief and the sassy badass senses. It means more quotable quips from Jason Stackhouse, more befuddled Bellefluers, more whim in the midst of all the war.

And of course, it means much more Eric Northman.

(Yeah, there's been loads of Eric this season. But you can't really have too much of a good Viking vampire thing.)

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