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Supernatural at Comic-Con: Sam's Sexy Flashbacks, Castiel's God Complex & the Return of Fan Faves

While Supernatural is returning with a lucky season seven, the luck has run out for the Winchester boys (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki).
/ Source: E!online

While Supernatural is returning with a lucky season seven, the luck has run out for the Winchester boys (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki).

Not only has Castiel (Misha Collins) has forsaken them, but Sam's given up the mighty demon blood...and, Jared told us before today's Comic-Con panel, the brothers "are starting to be found" by the authorities.

So what's next for the demon hunters...and holy roller Castiel? Here's what the stars and producers revealed today at Comic-Con...

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Enter Sandman: Castiel is "drunk with power" at the beginning of the season, Misha told us in the pressroom before the Supernatural panel. "He's trying to do what he thinks a god should be doing on earth and in heaven, which is fairly righteous and wrathful, rectifying of the world's problems." Misha adds that Cas does a "fair amount of smiting"--with the death toll in the thousands. Modest Misha later mused at the Comic-Con panel, "I'm surprised no one has written a god role for me yet--it seemed like such a natural role for me."

Since You Been Gone: Jensen Ackles himself kicked off the Supernatural panel by introducing a sneak preview of the episode he directed (his second) this season. The flashback scene, featuring the return of Colin Ford as young Sam, seemed crafted for Comic-Con audiences: Not only is Firefly's Jewel Staite the guest star, but her alias is "Amy Pond"--a character in Doctor Who, whose panel directly followed Supernatural's in Hall H. Of Staite's character, Jared told us, "Sam chose to see the good in [her] and now it's coming back to bite him once again."

Here They Go Again, On They Own: The Winchester boys have lost a lot of their "little aces in the hole," Jared told us. "We don't have Dad, we don't have Cas, we don't have demon blood giving us power. So we go back to the boys on their own, essentially." Executive producer Ben Edlund adds, They're going to find themselves kind of in a sense running from lots of guns, because the stuff they face this season is kind of massive."

I Am the Resurrection: Showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed that hellhound-bait Jo Harvelle (Alona Tal) will resurrected again this season, along with Crowley, eliciting a cheer from fellow panelist Mark Sheppard. The prolific actor was worried about his fate on the show, even suggesting a new half-hour sitcom spinoff called "Oh, Crowley." (Who wouldn't tune in to that?) Gamble said, "Cas says he has big plans for Crowley, and we'll reveal those right from the jump." Other familiar faces we'll see are Death (Julian Richings) and Sheriff Mills (Kim Rhodes), to the delight of Jim Beaver: "Unlike the Sheriff Mills I played on Harper's Island, he told the Comic-Con crowd, "this Sheriff Mills is hot." As for the fate of Castiel himself, Gamble would only confirm that he "will be in first few episodes." (We're hoping she means means few dozen.)

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