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Superman reigns in the rain in new image from 'Batman v Superman'

Like postal carriers, neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night can stop Superman. On Thursday, Warner Bros. released the first photo of Henry Cavill as Supe in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." And he's standing in a gloomy, Hurricane Arthur-style rainstorm, although he looks positively blasé about the downpour. Eh, if it ain't Kryptonite falling from the skies, who cares?



Cavill's photo didn't spark the same excitement that we saw earlier this year when the studio released the first photo of a grim Ben Affleck as Batman. That's perhaps because we've seen Cavill as Superman before, when he starred in 2013's "Man of Steel." But because the concept of Superman fighting Batman is still novel, making this movie much-anticipated, thousands of fans re-tweeted, favorited and commented on the image.





And some sharp-eyed fans pointed out a few differences between this image of Cavill and his "Man of Steel" costume. A careful costume dissection from Forbes explains that minor changes (namely, the addition of a belt) make this costume closer to the comic-book version.

Last week, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, a British charity for which Cavill is ambassador, tweeted a photo of the actor in what appears to be his Clark Kent costume.



Fans still have more to anticipate, however. The movie also boasts Israeli actress Gal Godot as Wonder Woman and "Social Network" star Jesse Eisenberg as villain Lex Luthor. If photos are released of those two, Internet buzz on this film could soar up, up and away.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will hit theaters on May 6, 2016.