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‘Superman’ cast is ready to fly

Bosworth, Routh and Spacey take a ‘Superman’ quiz
/ Source: Access Hollywood

In just two weeks, “Superman Returns” with a bang.

But in the meantime, Access Hollywood's Billy Bush sat down with new man in tights, his beloved Lois Lane and his arch nemesis Lex Luthor – and the conversation quickly got way off track as we put Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey to the test with our “Superman” quiz.

“Out of the three of you, who looks the best in tights?” Billy asked.

“Don’t be shy,” Kevin laughed, immediately hitting Kate's buzzer for her.

And while Kevin may be correct, it's Brandon, not Kate, donning the tights in the film. Kevin told us he remembers the first day he saw Brandon suit up as the Man of Steel.

“He came out of the Daily Planet building and I went ‘Oh [bleep].’ Oh wait, I can't say that,” Spacey laughed. “I said ‘Oh man. That’s Superman. He [bleep] looks the part.”

“Ha, you said it again,” Kate laughed at Kevin’s indiscretion.

And not only does Brandon look the part, but he aced our quiz.

“There are many forms of Kryptonite – green, red, gold. But which one makes Superman randy?” Billy asked.

“Red,” Brandon quickly said hitting his buzzer. “Because it lowers his inhibitions.”

Indeed, he was correct.

In fact, you could almost say that Brandon was destined to play the part as evidenced by a photo we found from a 2003 Halloween party where Brandon won the prize for best dressed for his Clark Kent-Superman costume.

“That’s pretty amazing actually,” Kate said looking at the photo. “There’s a lot of things we don’t know about you.”

Well Kate and Kevin were about to find out a lot more about their co-star.

Billy, the next question please.

“In Christina Aguilera's 1999 video ‘What A Girl Wants,’ what was it that she actually wanted?” Billy asked the “Super” trio.

Quickly, Kevin buzzed in.

“To get [bleep],” he said, drawing a laugh from his co-stars.

But why a Christina question during a “Superman” interview?

“Brandon, you were in that video. Maybe you can help us explain it a little bit,” Billy grinned.

“What?!?” Kate replied.

“That’s why they mentioned it,” Brandon smiled. “My elbows and my hands are, for like a split second, in that video.”

He’s not kidding. It would take some super vision to catch his quick cameo, but he is indeed in the video.

“I can't believe we didn't know this,” Kate gushed.

“Well, she definitely wanted to find a boyfriend or something in the video,” Brandon said, answering the original question.

“So I was right,” Kevin added. “She wanted to get [bleep].”

Catch Kevin, Brandon and Kate when “Superman Returns” hits theaters on June 28.