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Is super-skinny Nicole Richie pregnant?

Is Nicole Richie pregnant? That’s the rumor swirling around the super-skinny reality show star, and she doesn’t seem in any hurry to deny it.
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Is Nicole Richie pregnant?

That’s the rumor swirling around the super-skinny reality show star, and she doesn’t seem in any hurry to deny it.

Richie recently underwent a series of tests, including blood and urine screenings, reports Life and Style, which reports that the tests “confirmed she is pregnant.”

Richie’s rep didn’t respond to requests for comment from either L&S or The Scoop, but on May 30, the star was photographed at a reproductive clinic, and the mag quotes an “insider” as saying, “Nicole’s determined to get healthy for her own sake and the baby’s.”

Is Taylor Hicks the 'other man'?Is Taylor Hicks singing on the cheating side of town?

The “American Idol” winner was recently photographed with a woman identified as Caroline Lyders, the morning anchor for WISN-TV in Milwaukee. The two insisted they were just friends — but they were later spotted smooching in a more-than-friendly way.

That hit a sour note with Lyders’ longtime boyfriend, insurance businessman Aaron Ruffcorn, reports Star magazine.

“(Lyders) was with our family for the (Christmas) holiday and we all had a lot of fun,” Ruffcorn’s father Michael told the tab. “I know they have been talking about marriage for some time.” The two have known each other since high school.

His mother told Star that the two are currently dating, but Ruffcorn himself seems less certain.

“There is nothing but love and respect between Caroline and myself,” he told the tab. “There is a lot of history between us; all decisions we make are together. Whether there’s a future for Caroline and Taylor, I don’t know. As to whether there’s still a future [for us] at this point, stranger things have happened.”

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“Less Than Zero” isn’t just a novel about the party scene in LA during 1980s — it’s Victoria Beckham’s dress size. The former Spice Girl was shopping at Chanel on Rodeo Drive recently but  refused to try on clothes. “She said she felt really full and if something didn’t fit, it would be embarrassing,” a witness told In Touch Weekly. She need not have fretted. “She wears a size 0, but they all have to be taken in,” an insider told the mag. The mother of three insists that she doesn’t have food issues and eats well. Explains a pal: “She’s into algae and seaweed shakes.”  ... “Knocked Up” star Katherine Heigl is getting hitched to singer Josh Kelley, and picked out an $8,000 wedding dress at L’ezu Atelier in Beverly Hills. “She wanted something modest,” store owner Corina Lewinzon told Us, explaining that the bride-to-be went with a traditional gown for the December nuptials. “She said, ‘There are times when you should be sexy, but a wedding is not it.” ...“I was premature at birth,” Paula Abdul tells OK! “I weighed two pounds, three ounces. When I came home from the hospital the doctor said I was one of the bravest babies he’d ever seen. I’ve made a career of falling on my ass or falling on my face and getting up again.”

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