Stuck on you: 'Christmas Story' flagpole moment gets statue

IMAGE: "Christmas Story" statue

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By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

We triple-dog-dare ya to travel to Hammond, Ind., and admire the new statue honoring the movie classic, "A Christmas Story." The statue recreates one of the fim's most famous (and horrifying) moments — when Ralphie's pal Flick is dared to lick a frozen flagpole in the middle of an Indiana winter.

Poor Flick. But child actor Scott Schwartz wasn't actually harmed. A vaccum device inside the flagpole sucked his tongue in and made it look as if it was frozen to the pole.

The statue now stands outside a welcome center in Hammond, which is the hometown of author and radio host Jean Shepherd, who wrote the story upon which the movie was based. "A Christmas Story" will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Nov. 18.

The urge to lick the pole for a photo opportunity might seem funny (if germy) in warm-weather months, but signs will be posted urging winter visitors not to attempt the maneuver — did we learn nothing from Flick's misadventures?

"If people choose to do so, it will be lick at your own risk," a tourism spokeswoman told the Chicago Tribune.