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Sting, Lennox set to tour together this summer

British stars and old friends Sting and Annie Lennox will launch their 'Sacred Love' tour on June 27 in Philadelphia.
/ Source: The Associated Press

Old friends Annie Lennox and Sting have different recollections of when they first met.

While the 52-year-old Sting recalls meeting the songstress at the BBC television network more than 20 years ago, Lennox remembers a different scenario.

“Someone approached me and said, ‘Sting would like to have his picture taken with you,”’ Lennox told The Associated Press. “I felt really funny because at that time, he was the megagod that he still is, and I was like this aspiring thing.”

When Lennox tried to prod his memory, Sting mumbled, “I don’t remember.”

“You see, how nothing I was!” Lennox, 49, laughed.

The pair will have plenty of time to reminisce as they tour together for the first time this summer. The “Sacred Love” tour, which kicks off June 27 in Philadelphia, will end in Canada on Oct. 12.

In an exclusive joint phone interview with the AP on Friday, Lennox and Sting said they hadn’t decided on how the tour will develop, or whether they’ll sing together — but said they’re happy to be performing on the same show.

“I actually think that camaraderie and friendship is actually essential and it has to run from the bottom to the top,” Lennox said.

“For me, it’s creating one show out of what would normally be two shows,” Sting said. “It’s our stage, and I want people to go away thinking, ‘That was the best show that I ever saw.”’

The pair sang each other’s praises, recalled old times and talked as if they hadn’t seen each other in some time, when they’d actually been at the same event last month, as competitors at the Academy Awards.

Both were nominated for the best song Oscar — Lennox for co-writing “Into the West” from “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” and Sting for writing “You Will Be My Ain True Love” from “Cold Mountain.”

Lennox won the Oscar, one of 11 awards “The Return of the King” won that night, including best picture.

“It was like popping champagne bottles every five seconds,” Lennox said of the evening.

“I was having the opposite reaction,” Sting jokingly groused.