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Still stealing the stage, after all these years

The Muppet Show's Miss Piggy chats with the TODAY cast about her long career, her boyfriend Kermit the Frog and plastic — well, fabric —  surgery.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Rumors that one of Hollywood’s oldest romances might be on the rocks are not true. Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog are still together more than 30 years after they first became an item while doing their hit television series, “The Muppet Show.”

“Why is this a question?” Tinseltown’s most famous ham asked TODAY’s Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer and Al Roker during a visit Tuesday. “It’s not a question at all. We are together. We’ve always been together. Yes, there’s tension, but there’s tension in all relationships.”

The porcine prima donna was in New York promoting today’s 30th anniversary release of the second season of “The Muppet Show” in a digitally remastered, four-DVD set. And, as Vieira remarked, Miss Piggy looks as if she hasn’t aged a day.

Is it possible she’s had a nip and tuck or two over the years?

“My goodness gracious, I’ve had every part of me replaced — 10 times,” the veteran of film and stage squealed.

Long and varied careerMiss Piggy shared the stage with the legends of show business. Among the show’s guests during the second season were Bob Hope, Elton John, Peter Sellers, George Burns, Julie Andrews and Steve Martin.

“It was a pleasure to work with them all, and it was an honor for them,” Her Porkiness opined. “Elton John and I became very close. Not only did we share a song together, we shared a wardrobe.”

But when asked if she had a favorite co-star during the show’s run from 1976-81, Miss Piggy didn’t hesitate.

“Rudolph Nureyev,” she said, naming the famous ballet dancer. “We sang ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside.’ Boy, was it HOT!

Lauer read from her official biography, which is loaded with praise for the durable star.

“Special talents: Singing, dancing, direction, producing, starring in, being famous, looking fabulous, being difficult, looking difficult, receiving accolades and taking major up-front points at the box office.”

Miss Piggy listened approvingly, then added: “You missed upstaging.”