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Steven Tyler belts personal voicemail message for fan's phone

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler preps his pipes for a rockin' voicemail.

One lucky audience member of "Tonight Show" came away with more than just memories of watching a live show taping Thursday night: She got a very special personally recorded message from rocker Steven Tyler.

During the show, host Jimmy Fallon brought out a metal bucket and explained that everyone in the studio had been entered into a raffle, with the winner to be chosen by ticket number. He pulled out No. 107 as he announced the prize: an outgoing cell phone message recorded by the Aerosmith lead singer, who was sitting in with "The Tonight Show" band. 

Quipped Tyler, "I just want to know what your name is before I look for the restraining order."

Not to worry. Mary, a shy and smiling fan from North Carolina, jogged down the studio steps into a side hug from Fallon, who helped her cue up the record function on her phone. 

Holding Mary's phone, Fallon leaned toward Tyler, who sang — to the tune of Aerosmith's 1998 hit "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" — "Mary isn't here right now, so leave a message at the tone and include your name 'cause she don't want to miss your call."

Now that's the way to phone it in.

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