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Steve Martin throws (funny) fit before 'Fallon': 'I Don't Want to Do This Show'

Why wouldn't someone want to share late-night time with Jimmy Fallon? Legendary comedian Steve Martin has a few excuses.
/ Source: TODAY

Steve Martin does late-night talk shows all the time, so it's hard to imagine why he'd suddenly balk at joining Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show." But on Monday, that's exactly what happened: When show host Fallon pulled back the curtain to introduce the legendary comedian — no one came out!

Cut to: Martin in the dressing room and a fun, fantastic musical number in which he lamented that he had no reason to go on "Tonight" — because he has nothing to talk about!

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Launching into the Broadway-style tune "I Don't Want to Do This Show," Martin (who not coincidentally has his own Broadway show, "Bright Star," opening on March 24) wandered around the hunting lodge-themed dressing room, complaining that he has "no more material" and "I used up all my stories when I was in my 40s, but now I'm 52 years old and I don't want to do this show."

Martin is 70, by the way.

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He curses the leap year day for fooling him into being on the show Feb. 29, then takes a bite of cheese and seems to get his mojo back. He stops "singing and stalling" and instead sings and strolls out into the hallway, slapping people who give him lousy ideas about what to share with Fallon — and gets slapped himself.

Does he finally reconcile himself to his fate? Does he ultimately "do the show"? You bet he does (he even sits down with his co-"Bright Star" writer, singer Edie Brickell). But it's the journey that's hilarious here — so make sure to watch both videos!

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