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Steve Martin debunks 'Father of the Bride 3' rumors

Hold off on humming "Here Comes the Bride" just yet. Despite rumors that a third film in the "Father of the Bride" movie series was heading down the aisle (and would involve a same-sex wedding), star Steve Martin says it's news to him.



Martin's friend, acclaimed author Joyce Carol Oates, joked that she hasn't been asked either, leading Martin to reply:



Martin stars in the series as George Banks, whose daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams) wed in 1991's "Father of the Bride," a remake of the 1950 Spencer Tracy-Elizabeth Taylor film. In the 1995 sequel, "Father of the Bride Part II," Banks learns that both his wife (Diane Keaton) and daughter are pregnant.

Life imitated art for Martin in a sense, as he too became a father at a later age. He became a first-time dad in late 2012, when the actor was 67.