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Steve Carell surprised 'Office' co-star Jenna Fischer in the best (and scariest) way

This is a very special delivery.
/ Source: TODAY

Now, this is an unboxing video.

On E!'s "Busy Tonight," host Busy Philipps gave guest Jenna Fischer a huge surprise by wheeling out a bunch of early birthday presents for the "Splitting Up Together" and "The Office" star, who turns 45 on March 7.

And the last present was the best, if the most shocking of all: It contained her former "Office" co-star Steve Carell!

"I asked some of your co-stars from 'The Office' to send special gifts, and you have to guess who sent each one," Philipps told Fischer, handing over a cardboard box.

After Fischer ran through gifts including a jar of raisin crisps, a shirt with a loaf of bread on it, and a banjo (she knew immediately who sent all of them, of course), Philipps headed over to a giant box marked "Fragile" and lifted the lid to reveal Carell.

He'd been hiding in there throughout the entire bit!

Fischer was touched and totally shocked as Carell gave her a huge hug.

Afterward, Philipps was apologetic: "I hate being scared and I don't love scaring people ... I didn't think that through."

"I wasn't expecting a human being to be in a box, and then on top of that I was not expecting that human being to be Steve," Fischer laughed.

This wasn't even his first time hanging out around cardboard this month: on former "Daily Show" co-star Stephen Colbert's "The Late Show," the pair spoke to one another with their heads stuck inside of a box.

Philipps got right down to business, asking about rumors of an "Office" reunion. "Is this it?" she asked, doubtfully, gesturing to her guests.

Alas, said Fischer on "Busy Tonight," "We're getting it right now."

Office reunion
Steve Carell as Michael Scott and Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly in the first season of "The Office."Getty Images

It's hard to fault her (and us) for hoping there'll be an official reboot of the show, and we keep getting teased about it: several cast members got together in December, posting an Instagram photo of the gathering; in November "Saturday Night Live" took advantage of Carell's stint as host to bring on a few former castmates (including Fischer) for some laughs; and in March 2018 John Krasinski (who played Jim to Fischer's Pam) said he'd consider returning for an epic holiday special.

Then Fischer wondered if there was another box in Carell's future.

"I'm appearing in boxes all over the place," said Carell.