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Steve Buscemi dressed as his own '30 Rock' meme for Halloween, and it was perfect

“How do you do, fellow kids?”
/ Source: TODAY

Who better to dress up as Steve Buscemi than … Steve Buscemi?

The Emmy-winning actor, 63, may have had the most genius Halloween costume this year when he dressed as his own character from “30 Rock,” referencing a scene from a 2012 episode that has since become a meme.

One Twitter user, Ariel Fan, grabbed a selfie with Buscemi in his costume.

In “30 Rock,” Buscemi played a private detective, Lenny Wosniak, who claimed to have been in “a special task force of very young-looking cops who infiltrated high schools.”

30 ROCK, Steve Buscemi, 'The Tuxedo Begins', (Season 6, episode 608, aired February 16, 2012), 2006-
The classic scene is from season six, episode eight of "30 Rock."Courtesy Everett Collection

Buscemi appeared in a flashback scene in the halls of a high school, attempting to blend in by holding a skateboard and wearing a backward baseball cap as he said, “How do you do, fellow kids?”

In a hilarious Halloween tribute to the scene, Buscemi was spotted in Brooklyn, New York, wearing the exact same outfit, complete with a gray T-shirt reading, “Music Band.” Twitter user Michael Shields snapped a photo of Buscemi handing out Halloween candy.

The actor’s spot-on tribute to his own “30 Rock” character won plenty of praise on social media.

“That's not Steve Buscemi,” one Twitter user joked. “I'm pretty sure that's a fellow kid. He has a skateboard and everything. His baseball cap is even turned backwards. No way is that kid older than 18.”

Other Twitter users called Buscemi a “national treasure” and a “silver fox” and said he “must be protected at all costs.”

Buscemi was one of several celebrities who nailed their Halloween costumes this year. Ariana Grande went all out for her costume, paying tribute to the 1950s cult classic horror film “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” And Heidi Klum, known for her epic Halloween extravaganzas, dressed up as a bloodthirsty zombie in a spooky short film.