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Stern writer threatened after Weiner outburst

Howard Stern writer Benjy Bronk certainly caused chaos during Anthony Weiner's public farewell address.
/ Source: E!online

Howard Stern writer Benjy Bronk certainly caused chaos during Anthony Weiner's public farewell address.

But he definitely didn't deserve the violent threat aimed at him following the outburst.

So what happened?

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After Bronk interrupted Weiner's speech with a barrage of questions — "Will you maintain your hot physique and smooth sexy chest?" — he was escorted out by police, who, Bronk revealed, actually laughed while hauling him out because they were huge fans of the Stern show.

While outside, Bronk was surrounded by different media outlets who wanted to find out where he was from and why he was shouting absurd questions.

In the midst of the interviews, one man was caught on tape (by a Stern camera crew) approaching Bronk and whispering in his ear, "If you ever do that again, you'll never walk again."

The man quickly disappeared after the threat, with reporters (and Bronk) in shock.

On his radio show Monday, Stern instructed his staffers to deliver the tape to the NYPD so they could find the culprit, who is clearly visible in the video. Stern explained that whether you found humor in Bronk's stunt or not, he was going for comedy, not trying to harm anyone.

Bronk, was upset about the threat because he felt his prank was misunderstood, and exclusively explains to E! News his reasoning behind the questions, which he only began shouting during Weiner's speech because someone else yelled out, "Buh-bye, pervert!" (That was not Bronk.) His questions followed.

"People have misattributed me as being the guy that yelled "pervert" at Weiner during his resignation speech, that wasn't me. I don't think of Anthony Weiner as a pervert, I think he's a horny guy who handled his thing wrong, and I think the words 'horny guy' are redundant," Bronk tells us.

Bronk says he wasn't trying to make Weiner feel terrible, he was trying to mine for radio gold, and ended up getting threatened for something he did strictly for laughs.

"I didn't go to make moral judgments, I went to make comedy. But I shouldn't have interrupted him, that was wrong," Bronk said, adding that he feels "kinda torn" about the fiasco.

"I was cool with what I did at the first press conference (Bronk launched "were you fully erect?" at the end of that speech), because as absurd as my questions were, I did them at the proper time and they were questions I was really curious about his answer to. I thought they were funny and I thought they appropriately satirized the situation," he says.

"Like many members of the media, I like to be on TV, I just might be more blatant about it. But, I shouldn't have interrupted him at his resignation, I don't believe in heckling — unless it would help end some extreme evil violent situation, which this certainly wasn't.

"I'm embarrassed for most of it. Although, I didn't ask the last question about whether he would maintain his physique until he had already ended his speech. My intention was for comedy and attempting to mock it. Like journalism I think comedy brings out a truth and that's what I was trying to do and to get people to look at me."

Instead he was threatened. Hopefully, the cops nail the anonymous character. And he learns to get a sense of humor.

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