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Sterling K. Brown learns new viral dance from 'Kevin's kid' on 'This Is Us'

Brown once again shows he has all the right moves.
/ Source: TODAY

When “This Is Us” returns for its fifth season, producers should think long and hard about incorporating a dance storyline for Randall.

Sterling K. Brown, who plays the overachieving sibling on the hit NBC drama, posted an Instagram video on Wednesday of him doing the viral “Renegade” dance, with the help of Jasper McPherson, the actress who plays Kevin's daughter, whom we first saw in a flash-forward sequence during the show's fourth season finale.

“The renegade is still around in the year 2045. Kevin’s kid just taught me. How’d I do,” he captioned the video.

In the clip, McPherson starts things off by busting some moves before Brown, dressed in makeup as future older Randall, quickly jumps in.

Brown is no stranger to showing off fancy footwork on the set.

Last month, he led the "This Is Us" cast when they performed the “Smeeze”

"A family that smeezes together...," he wrote.

Earlier this month, the cast was back at it while doing the “Out West” to celebrate the fact they finished shooting the fourth season of the show.

"That’s a production wrap on season 4!!" he captioned the post.