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Sterling K. Brown had the best reaction to Beth-centric 'This Is Us' episode

Fans who tuned in Tuesday's knockout show are sure to understand how the actor felt.
This Is Us
Randall is one lucky man, as Beth's backstory on "This Is Us" proved.@SterlingKBrown
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Finally! After 49 episodes, "This Is Us" turned the spotlight on one member of the extended Pearson family who's never truly had it to herself before — Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson).

And for the character and the actress who plays her, it was an absolute tour de force.

But if you missed it, just let Sterling K. Brown (who plays Beth's husband, Randall), sum up the episode's impact in one shot for you:

It was that good.

(Spoiler alert: If you haven't watched the latest episode of "This Is Us" ... what are you waiting for? Check it out — and then come back!)

Randall and Beth are one of the few couples on the show that always seem rock-solid — or at least they did. But things haven't been the same this season, since he's turned his focus to his political ambitions and Beth has struggled to find her focus.

However, things are looking up again since the show took a look back at the dancer Beth once was and just how she gets her groove back.

In the present part of the time-hopping plot, Beth's mother (Phylicia Rashad) suffered an injury that brought the women face-to-face again, and led to Beth revealing to her mother that she's out of work and out of direction.

That served as the perfect way to tee up flashbacks to young Beth, "who danced before she could walk," and whose parents guided her in drastically different directions.

In short, Beth's father pushed her to always remember who she is and pursue her dancing dreams, but when he died when she was just a teen, her dream nearly died with him — and her strong-willed mom played a role in that.

Over the course of the episode, confronting her mother turned into understanding her mother. And remembering her father prompted her to remember herself.

Now Beth knows she has part of each parent inside her, and she's decided to pursue her passion for dance again — as a teacher.

So balance is restored, and all is well again in Beth and Randall's world.

This Is Us
Susan Kelechi Watson as Beth in "This Is Us."NBC

Or not. This is "This Is Us" after all.

There's still the potential conflict with his political move, the needs of their kids and who knows what tear-jerker drama to come.