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Stephen Moyer Cool With Anna Paquin Slurping Hot Blonde

Jealousy doesn't seem to affect this blood-sucking husband and wife.
/ Source: E!online

Jealousy doesn't seem to affect this blood-sucking husband and wife.

In an interview with Scene magazine, the gorgeous Stephen Moyer dished on his wife, Anna Paquin, and her locking lips with a certain delish dude, saying:

"I'm glad it's him because I'm really close to him and I've got a lot of love and a lot of trust."

So who is this mysterious third wheel that Stephen is totally cool with Anna kissin'?

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The luscious Alexander Skarsgrd, of course! And we say good for you S.M.

And sorry, world.

There's no polygamy in this Vice-free marriage--Steve was just discussing the on-set love scenes between Anna and Alex's characters (Eric and Sookie, duh). Plus, Alex has made it clear that it takes "so much acting" to get through those awkward sex scenes.

Yeah right. Oh well, guess that means we'll be seeing more smooching between the True Blood blondes in the future!

"Alex obviously has quite a lot to do with my wife [in the new season]," Stephen 'fesses about Eric's life after drinking some of Sookie's bangin' fairy blood. We cannot wait--only a couple more weeks!

And despite working and playing together, S.M. wants his lady to join in on some other extracurricular activities. Oh behave and get your minds out of the gutter already, we're talking cars.

The bloodsucker Bill was referring to his latest venture as a participant in the Toyota Pro Celebrity Car Race--and next time he hits the race track he wants Anna behind the high speed wheel too.

"She's only been driving for a year and a half," says Moyer. "Cause she was a New Yorker, she had absolutely no need to drive. So we'll see. I'm trying to talk her into it."

A husband and wife racing team would be sexy for sure, but we think it's just another excuse for the newlyweds to stay close. 'Tho, we're sure Anna doesn't have a problem with that since she's made it very clear she likes sticking by her hubby's side.

Steve's is obviously enjoying playing house with co-star turned real-life wife Paquin and now he's got his whole family on the True Blood set. Steve dished about bringing his 11-year-old son to work, saying "I, as usual, am covered in blood. I've got silver chain marks on every single part of me. I'm crying blood tears...uh, that's what he gets to see!"

Wonder how Stephen's son likes hottie Anna as a step-mom. How we'd love to be invited to dinner with that family!

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