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Stephen Colbert tells Seth Meyers he wants to host 'SNL'

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Stephen Colbert made sure Seth Meyers knew that making fun of the news was 'inappropriate.'

Stephen Colbert hosting "Saturday Night Live"? Sounds like a ratings bonanza!

After all, his Comedy Central compatriot in funny Jon Stewart ("The Daily Show with Jon Stewart") held the hosting reins in 2002. But as Colbert lamented to Tuesday night "Colbert Report" guest Seth Meyers -- current head writer for the show and host of "Weekend Update" -- he hasn't been asked.

"Have you ever hosted ("SNL")?" Colbert asked Meyers.

"That's not quite how it works," Meyers grinned back.

"You don't need those outside guest hosts. That's an insult to you cast members, that's like Lorne (Michaels, executive producer) saying (slips into weak Canadian accent), 'You're not funny enough, you can't host this show,'" noted Colbert.

"Of all the Lorne impressions I've heard over the years, that's right in the middle," said Meyers. "It's the equator of Lorne impressions."

"I gotta work on it. I've never met the man. He's wonderful. Our worlds don't cross at all. Probably why I haven't been asked to host," said Colbert.

"Do you think you’d make a good host? Do you do characters?" Meyers asked, who failed to recognize that the whole "Colbert Report Host" guise is a kind of ongoing character.

Colbert then attempted an Edward G. Robinson 1930s gangster voice, but couldn't keep a straight face: "That's my Robert DeNiro," he finally managed.

"That's if De Niro had a kid with the Penguin," said Meyers.

Check out the clip!

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