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'A Star Is Born' 1st look: See sparks fly between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

A new clip from the romantic drama reveals red-hot chemistry between the leads.
Warner Bros. Pictures
/ Source: TODAY

There's still a month to go before Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga hit the big screen in the highly anticipated film "A Star Is Born," but a new sneak peek reveals the real star of the movie.

It's not the Oscar-winning actor or the show-stopping pop star — it's their chemistry.

The clip, showcased on TODAY Friday morning, offers viewers a glimpse of Jackson (Cooper) and Ally (Gaga) getting to know each other over drinks just moments after they meet.

They start out talking about her music and what's holding her back from breaking out, and that turns the conversation to a confession about a personal insecurity.

"Almost every single person that I've come in contact with in the music industry has told me my nose is too big and that I won't make it," she tells him in a way that makes it clear she believes it.

Jackson, a veteran singer-songwriter, assures her that she's wrong, and when she doubts him, he proves his sincerity (and confirms their obvious attraction) with a single touch.

And if you can't imagine how steamy a nose-touching scene can be, just hit play on that clip.

And there's good news for those who can't wait to see more. You don't have to.

On Thursday, Warner Bros. Pictures released a collection of clips that not only highlights the aforementioned chemistry between the duo, but also gives Gaga fans the first chance to hear her belt out a song in the film.

Just days ago, Cooper, 43, revealed that the 32-year-old performer absolutely captivates on screen.

"Everybody already knows that she’s got a God-given talent as a singer," he raved. "And she was able to utilize that plutonium to act."

"A Star Is Born" hits theaters Oct. 5.