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Stallone knocked out sex to prep for film

Talk about sacrificing for your craft: Sylvester Stallone says he gave up sex to improve his on-screen performance in  “Rocky Balboa.”
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Talk about sacrificing for your craft: Sylvester Stallone says he gave up sex to improve his on-screen performance in  “Rocky Balboa.”

The 60-year-old actor said he had to stop doing the deed while shooting his latest flick because he needed to save his energy.

“At 60 you don’t have as much energy as you did back when you were 30, so you have to conserve every bit you can,” the “Rocky” star said while promoting his latest flick. “Giving up sex isn’t really that hard to do and it’s well known that it can improve your performance in sports — or on a movie.”

His abstinence may have paid off. Although Stallone is a regular winner of the Razzie Awards handed out to the worst flicks and performances, the actor — with 30 nominations and 10 wins under his belt — was shut out of .

“At the first of the year, you could not have convinced me [“Rocky Balboa”] wasn’t going to be a Razzie contender,” Razzies founder John Wilson recently conceded. “I would like to publicly say that Stallone has made a good movie.”

Baby loveJennifer Connelly almost joined the Hollywood club of celebs adopting African children — but says she didn’t because she and hubby Paul Bettany worried it would have upset one of her biological children.

“We absolutely considered adopting,” the star told the London Independent, but she says the son she had with David Dugan might have found it disruptive.

“He’s had a lot of change so of course I really have to be sensitive to him," she said. "One of the kids I became close to was older than him. What would that mean to my family? Would my son feel displaced, all of a sudden having an older sibling who didn’t speak the language and would need so much more time and attention? These are all concerns of mine and reasons why I didn’t come home with a child even though, believe me, I would call Paul at night when he was away. I’d say, ‘There’s this baby and I don’t know what to do and I love him so much and if I leave here he might die.’”

She hasn’t, however, ruled out the possibility of an adoption. “It’s complicated, but we are still considering.”

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Justin Timberlake
says he had nothing to do with a video making the rounds on the Internet that mocks Britney Spears. A clip from Timberlake’s “Saturday Night Live” skit making fun of boy-band ballads that was altered to show embarrassing images of the singer’s former girlfriend was one of the most viewed clips on YouTube last month, but Timberlake told London’s Daily Telegraph: “I had nothing to do with that. I haven’t seen it and I haven’t spoken to Britney about it. I think it’s a gone a little too far.” ... More than 18,000 irate viewers have signed a petition to ABC, demanding that the network fire “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington for his   . . . Former “Days And Nights of Molly Dodd” star Blair Brown says that appearing off-Broadway sometimes pays less than flipping burgers. “My friends who are not in the theater are shocked when they realize that actors work for less than unemployment at some very well-established off-Broadway theaters,” Brown told “When I directed the play on Theater Row, my actors were making $225 a week. They could have made more working at McDonald’s. And that’s really, really wrong.”

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