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Stabler quits, Benson cries on 'SVU'

NBC / Today
Benson breaks down after learning her partner is gone.

Thanks to a summer filled with casting news, fans of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” expected the season to kick off sans one very important familiar face. Of course, that fact didn’t make it any less disappointing to see an oddly Elliot Stabler-free squad room Wednesday night.

Also disappointed? Stabler’s partner, Olivia Benson. The usually tough detective broke down in tears after learning that her sidekick called it quits following the jaw-dropping shoot-out that wrapped up the last season.

Who could blame her? The kind of chemistry she shared with Stabler doesn’t come around every day.

On the plus side, Benson really stepped into focus on premiere night now that a certain someone is out of the way.

So tell us, what did you think of the very first episode of “SVU” without the show’s former leading man? Will you miss him? Do you plan to stick around and see how the season shapes up?

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